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Amazon expedition, environment and cultural study looking at deforestation and changing weather patterns on the lower Amazon Basin in Northeast Brazil.

Mission statement



LIVE ...


Live the sea life on a traditional wooden ship, Labora. Challenge yourself by pushing your boundaries, sharing your similarities and differences with people of different ages and cultures.

Enrich your life by doing what few have the courage to do: expedition sailing.




Learn seamanship. You will join a group of people with different skill levels sharing their knowledge and passion for the sea and sailing. Through hands-on training, you will learn new skills from others and teach to solidify the knowledge gained.




Sail the high seas aboard Labor's expeditions. You will feel the forces of nature and put seamanship training to the test. By sailing in far-out corners of the world you will discover and learn to understand and respect the environment and different cultures.



"In the past I have been doing expeditions on the upper Amazon, interior of Borneo and Alaska, satisfying my passion for rugged and wild places

With my last boat I did some of the same sailing concept for 5 years along the British Columbia and Alaska coastline, sharing my intimate knowledge of this region and my passion for the mountains and ocean.  I decided it would be necessary to upgrade to a larger vessel  more stout for rough conditions. I searched around the world online for a year to find the sailing vessel that fit the criteria I was looking for - the S/V Labora, in Northern Denmark.

So was born the idea of the sailing club to bring like minded people together to share our knowledge experiences and learn more about sailing the ocean and cultures."

     Dave Perdew


The first project is to upgrade and make ready the sailing vessel Labora for extended sailing expeditions.


The club will develop a sailing program every year with an emphasis on that year's theme, as in sailing through British Columbia and Alaska searching out the wildlife natural history and traditional native culture. Possible future themes could be following the Franklin Expedition and learning about Inuit culture in the Northwest Passage; tracing the footsteps of the Vikings in Northern Europe, Greenland and Iceland; exploring islands on the West coast of Africa or diving into the jungle and music of Brazil.


This will be combined with a sail training program with an emphasis on the local ecology wildlife and the environment in general. At times this will include instruction on media documentaation - making videos and photo essays of the trips and environmental and cultural issues.


You can learn to sail in just a few days, but true seamanship takes years to develop and lifetimes to master. Dave brings a wealth of knowledge and skills from years of operating at sea to the club's sailing vessel, Labora.

This type of  lifestyle will allow people to experience sailing to remote areas to see firsthand the pristine ecosystems and the challenges they face in the modern world. At the same time, participants will shape their values of the environment and different cultures as the world rapidly changes.  This combined with a seamanship training set in a diverse cultural group will enhance one's perspective and life.


You are given the opportunity to learn at your pace. I recommend every day going to the library and looking up the theory and concept for that day. We will have some formal sessions of seamanship and sailing theory and daily application of the material, mainly decided by the crew in the direction they would like to take.  Other times we may have special cruises with lectures by visiting specialists.

LISC is a nonprofit sailing club

with an emphasis on sail training and seamanship, we maintain and sail a traditional gaff-rigged ship.

Become a Club Advisor

Do you have experience in seamanship, club management, media, or trades and engineering? Or are you a specialist in another field related to LISC? Share your knowledge with club members and become a valued contributor to the club.

For example, sailors can lead the crew in sail training, documentarians can teach video editing, and tradespersons can help with the continual maintenance of Labora. 

Club Advisor

  • Guide the club's operations

  • Lead projects in your specialized field

  • Train novices in new skills

  • Trade knowledge with other specialists

  • All other benefits of club membership

Becoming An Equity Share Partner


Do you want to be part of the board? For a limited time, we have openings for interested parties to invest in the LISC who want to be board members and take an equity share of Labora. Being a board member of the club means you own a percentage of the boat, you take part in all decisions and you can come and go to the boat as you please, this means you have a boat ready for sailing and properly maintained available to you without all the hassle of owning a boat by yourself.

Club board members

  • Unlimited Sailing

  • Be involved in organizing the club and outfitting Labora

  • Influence the yearly themes and destinations

  • Be a part of running expeditions

  • Have equity in the ship and the club

Why invest in LISC?

  • Become a co-owner of S/V Labora

  • No high cost for a large sailing vessel

  • Meet the ship in new, interesting destinations each year

  • No mooring fees or other hidden fees

  • Maintenance is included

  • Ability to come and go from the ship at any time

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