Our international crew comes with a wide variety of experience levels and specialties, all with a passion for learning about the sea and boats. All are welcome aboard.
People come for a short stay of a weekend all the way up to a few months' experience.

The crew is YOU, very diverse: we come from around the world and are of all ages, experience levels, and specialties. The thing that unites all of us is our passion to learn seamanship as a team aboard a traditional sailing vessel.
The trips are designed to give novice and experienced Sailors a large amount of responsibility sailing navigating, everyday decision-making,  group, and individual training in the fine art of seamanship.  This type of sailing can be in harsh environments demanding situations not to mention,  that close living accommodations for extended periods all make for interesting life experience.  Remember this is not a charter boat, this is a sailing club you are the crew the team that runs this small ship with like-minded people sailing to the far corners of the world
Some of us are teens, some of us are retirees. We come from many different educational and career streams, from mathematicians to marine engineers and cooks to CEOS. Some of us have decades of sailing experience under our belt, yet many of us are shown the ropes for the first time on Labora. Some crew chooses to work with the project for months, but some only visit for a weekend away from home. All are encouraged to come aboard, as everyone has skills and knowledge to contribute to the ship. The only requirements are to have a positive attitude, ambition to learn, and do not mind getting one's hands dirty at times.
While aboard, in addition to sailing the ship, the crew have the opportunity to work on a wide variety of different projects. The crew are free to choose what they specialize in and what they desire to learn more about. Sailing Adventures of Labora

Crew Reviews

"I highly recommend Pete to any boat that is looking for quality crew, he sailed with me for a month and a half in southeast Alaska, he came to the boat with minimal sailing background but in a short period he excelled in his seamanship ability, without hesitation he would step up to any chore from fixing electronics to the sewer system always ready to pitch in. Very sociable in any setting a great conversationalist and was the daily bread maker on board. He always had a positive attitude and full of good common sense.

-Dave Perdew, regarding crew member,

"Sarah sailed with me for over two months in Alaska. She was able to show up a month early before I arrived and prepare the boat by cleaning and doing small maintenance. Being a qualified diver she still only had minimal sailing experience although at 21 she is very capable and quick to learn, after two months she was able to take over the boat in an emergency situation and take part in a rescue at sea in the middle of the night."

-Dave Perdew, regarding crew member,

"I worked on his boat for several weeks and ... I learnt a lot on his boat (honestly I did not know how to hold a hammer before I came there), he taught me how to work with instruments and my own hands. He gave me an exaggerated trust sometimes. But the most fascinating thing about Dave is his patience, I'm so grateful for that! Not once and not twice he repeated me how to do the very simple things and never lost his temper. Its incredible! He is the best teacher ever. He taught me how to sail from scratch by the simplest language in the world. I made thousands stupid mistakes and he never told me anything offensive or humiliating (unlike many other captains ). in a nutshell, he is superprofessional, superkind and the most knowledgeable person I've met. Thank you Dave for everything!"

-Juli, crew member,

"He is a good instructor and he puts a lot of effort into teaching seamanship and many other topics to the crew, which he does a great job choosing. The more effort you put in, the more he offers from his deep reservoir of experiences."

-Pete, crew member,

schooling for sailing and seamanship, along with an emphasis on ship maintenance electrical plumbing engine rigging and bosun work,  maintain and sail a traditional gaff-rigged sailing ship.

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