The Liberty International Sailing Club was founded to bring together those who have a passion for the sea from around the world. As a club, we share knowledge with other club members (for everyone has something to learn and something to teach) and we thrive off challenge. Find out more about the Club here.

Our clubhouse is the S/V Labora, a traditional wooden sailing vessel. Aboard we practice all aspects of seamanship, from marlinspike to machinery, as well as practice sailing. Find out more about Labora here.

As the club grows, so do the ambitions of the club. Some future possibilities of the LISC include yachtmaster certification courses and partnerships with environmental groups to name a few. Stay tuned for future updates.




Talk here about upgrading Labora on the Mariagerfjord. mariager and Hobro. map

-pictures (gallery)

-international crew of volunteers

sailing skiff, hikes, fjord swims

list some of the projects 

-sanding and varnishing, electronics upgrades, engine service, rigging, etc

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