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Learn about sailing and gain seamanship. Besides this, like any boat, a lot of ship maintenance, boat electrical system, plumbing, engine, rigging, and bosun work will be done while you are on board, care to learn? This is a  traditional gaff-rigged wood sailing ship, and the skills and knowledge to handle and maintain it cannot be learned in a school.
To come to LABORA all that is required is a passion for the sea, sailing, and learning. If you are already a competent seaman and you have some skills it will be expected for you to show and pass those skills to others. We are all a big family here.
To go sailing you must be a club member by joining LISC, a semiannual membership $30.00 yearly membership $50.00.
Depending on how much time you have spent on the boat there is a weekly fixed amount, the maximum you will pay is $200. With this money, all marinas, fuel, and parts for maintenance for the boat will be paid.
There is also a spot for people who want to go from point A to point B or want to jump to the boat once it is ready for the expedition so they don't have to do any preparation work in a  dock. Expeditions such as crossing the Atlantic Ocean, special trips to the arctic, or the Amazon region. For this, there is a special fee to support the work and make it happen. The average cost for two or three months expedition would be $2000.

By joining the Liberty International Sailing Club you are supporting the preservation of a traditional wooden ship and contributing to an educational and cultural experience for young and old alike.  At this time the club and boat is solely supported by its members
With the membership, you're free to come and go on the boat as needed, as long as there is a bunk available for you, always best to write ahead of time and reserve your spot.

Join the Advisory Council


Advisors have experience in related fields who are willing to share their knowledge to guide the club's decisions. Advisors are granted access to special areas of the site, along with trustees, where discussions for club operations are held. 

To join the club as an advisor, contact us. Give us a brief description of yourself and your experience and how you think it will be relevant to the operation of the club.


Join the Board of Trustees

The club has currently +140 members paying an annual fee and three board members. Everything in the club is transparent, the expenses, the income, and the budget is open to all members. Projects are presented and the club decides which project should be done, with the board members having the final decision.

In the club, we do about 90% of everything ourselves. We rarely hire anyone to do work and by doing so we reduce the costs of maintaining and running a boat to a minimum.

  1. Board member

Do you want to be part of the board? We are currently open for people who want to be board members and take an equity share of Labora. Being a board member of the club means you own a percentage of the boat, you take part in all decisions and you can come and go to the boat as you please, this means you have a boat ready for sailing and properly maintained available to you without all the hassle of owning a boat by yourself.

  1. Requirements

Before being able to become a board member it is required for you to come and spend some weeks in the boat. You will have to see how the boat and the club works, and the boat has to get to know you. We're looking for a certain type of mentality that would fit in with the current dynamics of the club. Among other things we are looking for a person who likes to work around people, who is willing to share his knowledge in a kind way, a person willing to learn new things, and somewhat relaxed and easygoing about life. A self-centered and egotistical person is the opposite of what we are looking for.

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