The LISC is designed to be a sea experience, a cultural experience, and a life experience. Do not bring expectations – if you do, you will be disappointed. The forces of nature do not bend to your will, but with experience and training, you will learn to work with them to challenge yourself to new heights, make lifelong friendships, and experience the world as only a few people can imagine. You can learn to sail in just a few days, but true seamanship takes years to develop and lifetimes to master. 
   You’ll be exhausted, you’ll push past your limits, you’ll learn more than you ever expected, and you’ll have the adventure of a lifetime aboard S/V Labora. This is not a charter boat where the work will be done for you nor is it a summertime cruise where you won’t find any challenge. Instead, the Liberty International Sailing Club is a serious, hands-on training opportunity for novice and experienced sailors looking to learn all that expedition sailing requires. The only prerequisite is an honest yearning and motivation for adventure and knowledge. Your time on board will be self-determined – the more you work to gain from the experience the more opportunity will be found. 
   As we sail a traditional wooden boat to remote areas we'll also take in the traditional cultures and ecosystems of these inspiring places as we work on seamanship and sail training, teamwork and self-development.  You will learn skills from navigation to rigging and boat systems that allow you to operate safely in challenging situations. The crew and winds will help set our course, but the goal is clear – to train and provide the opportunity for those who wish to get out from behind the computer screen, to feel the sea, and experience the world. 
   As a full member of the LISC, you will get access to the club’s inner workings – including a chance to decide where the boat goes next, and to see where it has been. Credits for joining the expedition can be earned by working on the maintenance and upgrade of the vessel or by contributing for supplies and materials. Extensive documentation, video, and logs will always be available to club members to learn how our clubhouse Labora is operating and to determine destination along with input on the theme and directions of the club. 

   By joining the Liberty International Sailing Club you are supporting the preservation of a traditional wooden ship and contributing to an educational and cultural experience for young and old alike.

Hands-on seamanship training on expeditions to remote areas of natural wonder is a once in a lifetime experience. This experience fosters friendship, teamwork, and independence by engaging sailing students in a meaningful way.


The membership fee is $50 US per year, and membership entitles you to

  • Updates about Labora and progress of the trips, including articles, photos, and videos

  • Access to members-only areas of the website

  • Input for the project's expeditions, destinations, and themes

  • Access to the clubhouse, the S/V Labora, and other club equipment such as the sailing skiff and diving gear, during downtime between journeys.


   No matter where in the world the ship is, you can come and stay for a week or more at a time and help with maintenance and upgrades. This is of particular interest to those who are considering investing in a boat of their own in the future. You can share your knowledge and experience with the club and learn new skills at the same time, and meet like-minded people from around the globe in a relaxed environment.


   As a club member, you may also donate for the maintenance and upgrading of the ship. With these donations, you are able to take part in expeditions and be part of the crew learning traditional seamanship on the Labora. 

There is no minimum donation, and each dollar donated equals one point toward sailing time. 400 points are redeemable for one week of expedition time, and each additional week is 300 points. We encourage longer voyages, as spending more time aboard is better to ingrain the skills deeper and to keep the knowledge learned in the memory for longer periods of time. The points are redeemable for yourself or as a gift to another, and the points do not expire so you can wait until a bunk on the journey that interests you most becomes available.


   Keep up to date with the Liberty International Sailing Club through the website, Facebook, and Instagram to keep an eye out for journey postings. When you see one that interests you, send us a message to reserve a bunk on a leg of the journey.

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